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Micron Cleansing Pore Brush
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Micron Cleansing Pore Brush


A soft cleansing pore brush with over 10,000 silky soft charcoal infused bamboo bristles to gently and effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells. For use with your foaming cleanser, it provides a deep and thorough cleanse, exfoliates your skin and promotes blood circulation

We are all constantly exposed to pollution from the environment, from exposure to the sun to car exhaust fumes, which essentially causes our skin to age more quickly. To tackle the effects of pollution our skin needs a deeper clean. This is why we’ve curated a cleansing pore brush to draw out these impurities and clean congested pores to allow our skincare products to work best.

How to Use

Dampen your face and wet the cleansing pore brush with warm water.

Pump foaming cleanser into the wet brush bristles.

Gently massage your face with the brush in small circular motions.

Thoroughly rinse your face and brush with warm water to ensure all of the cleanser is removed.

Murmura Insight

Here are some Murmura tips for cleansing brush novices.

Twice a Week

Cleansing pore brushes should be used as part of your cleansing routine twice a week. If you use it daily, your skin may be stripped of its essential natural acid mantle which can unbalance your skin’s pH.

Wash Thoroughly

Once you’ve finished using your brush, wash it thoroughly under hot water to remove all bacteria and dirt. Shake off excess water and hang to dry naturally.

Use with Foam Cleansers

Cleanser brushes work best with foam cleansers rather than oil or cream based cleansers.

Follow Up with Moisturiser

It’s crucial to replenish the skin’s moisture with an effective moisturiser such as Belif otherwise your skin may try to compensate after cleansing by producing excess sebum.