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Son & Park Beauty Water
18 November 2016

Son & Park Beauty Water

The holy grail of toners has arrived. Korean’s adopt an entirely different approach to the West when it comes to toners. They are free from alcohol and rather than stripping the skin of its natural sebum, Korean toners purify our skin from pollutants and any dirt deep in the pores, to firstly balance your skin’s pH levels to their natural sweet-spot and replenish your skin with antioxidants and moisture.   

Son & Park Beauty water is a testament to revolutionary Korean skincare that truly works. This toner has been carefully created by leading celebrity and model makeup artists Son & Park to produce the perfect canvas for applying makeup. It has a wonderful mix of natural ingredients and humectants, including lavender and rose water to ensure your skin stays hydrated and plumped after each use. The toner also delivers a gentle exfoliation to get rid of any dry skin cells with papaya and willow bark extract.

This Beauty Water comes in a generous size of 340ml, has a fresh and floral scent and is packed in the most elegant, chic bottle.

A true multi-tasking treatment you can use in the morning to as an initial prep step before applying moisturiser and makeup. At Murmura, our editors love to use this as a mist throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated. It’s also excellent to use after a workout to refresh and cleanse your face.

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