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05 August 2018

The best Korean Cleanser for my Skin Type 

When thinking about your skin type, especially when looking for Korean Cleansers for your skin,  it's important to know how to define your skincare correctly, and correctly identify what kind of skin type you have. 

When browsing Korean skincare, skin types reflect the level of oils on your skin (not how hydrated/dehydrated your skin is) so it's really important to know this when finding the best Korean cleanser for your skin. There are 4 kinds of skin types that Korean skincare products tend to be tailored towards. We've outlined these below for you so you can identify which Korean cleanser is best for your skin type. 

Type 1: Dry skin
Your skin feels parched/tight/itchy/flaky/lacks radiance. If you have dry skin, you lack sufficient oils on the skin’s barrier. Additionally, you may be lacking hydration (moisture, not oils). 
Type 2: Oily / acne-prone skin
You struggle with combatting shine/prone to breakouts, blackheads and blemishes/likely to have enlarged pores/skin tends to be thicker/typical T-zone issues. If you have oily skin, your sebaceous glands over-produce oils on the skin’s barrier.

Type 3: Combination skin
You have typical T-zone issues/much more enlarged pores in some areas of the face/skin feels dry in some places only/challenging to manage very different skin needs in various areas of the face. If you have combination skin, which is sometimes even considered normal skin, you struggle with some shine, especially around your T-zone, but also deal with dry skin. Your sebaceous glands are over-productive in some parts of the face, and potentially under-productive in other parts. You can have oily and dry patches, and either well hydrated or dehydrated skin underneath.

Type 4: Normal skin 
Your pores are minimal/your skin isn’t too dry or too oily (maybe minimally so, here and there)/your skin feels comfortable without too much tightness or itchiness/you typically receive compliments on your skin/you do not break out too easily. If you have normal skin, you’re blessed with sebaceous glands that don’t go into under-drive or over-drive. Taking care of your skin is usually easy. 
Korean skincare and beauty is incredible for skin, and we've put together what we think are the best cleansers for your specific skin type are. Remember, you can also browse Murmura using skin type too, as each of our categories will show you suitable products that work best with the different kinds of skin types mentioned above. 
So here are our recommendations for the best
Dry or Sensitive Skin – Back To Pure Daily Foaming Gel Cleanser
Best Korean cleansers for your skin type
Best Korean cleansers for your skin type

Combination Skin – Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam
Best Korean cleansers for your skin type
Best Korean cleansers for your skin type
    Simply click on the cleanser above to be taken to the shopping page. If you found this article about the finding the right Korean Cleanser for your skin type, we'd love to know!